Bro Tim & Sis Hannah Coots

Admin Ministry

Tim and Hannah Coots were recently married in February of 2020. They are the system directors of the admin system and provide support to the Pastor and the system directors of SLC. They have assisted in the production of Vacation Bible School and they both serve on the music team. Their hobbies include fishing, spending time with family, and finding new & cool spots to explore. 


Bro Tony & Sis Consuelo Garcia

Specialized Ministry

Bro & Sis Garcia have been members for over 20 years. They spent over 10 years in Youth Ministry and have helped in all different types of ministry. They have raised 5 kids and now are loving grandparents to 8 grandkids. Family is everything to them.


Sis. Cheryl Knapp

Children's Ministry

Sis. Cheryl Knapp and her two children have been attending Sound Life Church for 23 years. She has been a Sunday School teacher for over 20 years, teaching Kindergarten and 1st and 2nd grades. She loves traveling and visiting churches around the world, as well as cooking foods from other countries. She is also an avid Seahawks supporter.

Sis. Cherish Coots

Worship Ministry

Cherish Coots serves as our System Director for our Worship system. As a young girl, Cherish attended SLC in its former years before her and her family moved out of the state of Washington. After moving back, Cherish is excited to now have the privilege to be involved in leadership and ministry. Her and her team strive to have excellence and sincerity in their worship, and are excited to grow!

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Bro. John & Sis Deborah Coffman

1st Touch Ministry

Bro John and his team assist in the first smiles you will see walking into the building. They lead the foyer team, ushers, and parking lot directors. They have been involved in music ministry, pulpit, and sign language ministry. 


Bro. & Sis Matamoros

2nd Touch Ministry

Mauricio and Taleah Matamoros were married in May of 2018. They have been involved in Sunday School and pulpit ministry. They are currently serving on the music team together. In their free time they love adventuring to find new places and love fishing and being with their family. They coordinate guest follow up and guest functions as part of second touch directors.


Bro. Justin & Sis. Destinee Orazio

Christian Development

Justin and Destinee Orazio have a passion to see young adults achieve success in life. They have gone on 4 different mission trips combined around the world and love to travel. Justin helped launch Campus ministries at Mt Hood Community College and Portland State University while Destinee has helped start charity events. Together they minister to young adults throughout Washington State. They just had their first child Briella born in November and are loving parenting.

Bro. Dj & Sis. Cassandra Birdwell

Youth Ministry

Brother Birdwell and his wife Cassandra met as part of the youth group at Sound Life Church in their teens, and now are so blessed to be Youth Pastors at their church. When they aren't at church you can usually find them chasing after their 5 kids. They also enjoy family time, bonfires, tacos, photography with a camera or drone, and beating the youth in hide&seek tag.