Pastor & First Lady

Rev. Tim Coots & Sis Coots

Pastor Coots is a licensed minister with the United Pentecostal Church International. He served on the Maryland/DC District Youth board and the Washington District Youth board in a variety of capacities from 2004 – 2012. He served on The Maryland/DC district as Home Missions secretary, Holy Ghost crusade coordinator, and district Bible Quiz coordinator. His ministerial background includes over 15 years in youth and family ministry. Pastor Coots is an evangelist, and has preached many crusades across the country. Pastor Coots serves as the Sound Life Church Senior Pastor. He ensures that Sound Life Church is consistent in equipping and empowering our leaders both now and for the future. He communicates a clear Biblical vision for church growth. He and his wife, Telie, have four beautiful children: Destinee, Cherish, Tim, and Malachi. He was blessed with a wonderful son in law Justin this year, and has two dogs… Sooner and Westbrook.


Timothy Coots


Rev. Justin Orazio

Justin Orazio, along with his wife Destinee, heads up our Christian Development Ministry. Christian Development Ministry is a ministry focuses on the development of every stage of someone's understanding of God's Word. We believe that no one can fully understand God completely but we strive to help each person get closer to God by digging into the Word of God to know God on a deeper level. We are here to serve.


Justin Orazio


Rev. Roger D. Hennigan

Bishop Roger Hennigan served as lead Pastor of Sound Life Church for over 28 years and now is our Bishop.  He is a graduate of Texas Bible College and also attended classes at the University of Maine with studies in math and history.  He also served over 13 years as one of the chaplains for the Bremerton Police Department.  He loves the outdoors and has harvested many deer, elk, bear, and moose. He also loves to fish and especially for Halibut and Salmon.  You also might find him during crab season on the waters of the Puget Sound.  Bishop Hennigan and Sis.  Norma Hennigan have been blessed with 3 children, 8 grandchildren, and one great grandson.  Above all he loves people and always finds time for those in need.    His ministry has taken him from coast to coast and he also has ministered in 5 crusades in the Philippines.  


Roger D. Hennigan


Rev. John Coffman

Reverend Coffman received his license to preach in the Spring of 2019. He and his wife also founded PBS: Pocket Bible Studies, a Deaf ministry of Sound Life Church.

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John Coffman


Rev. Joseph Birdwell

Joe Birdwell has attended Sound Life Church since 2004. He got his start teaching Sunday school and leading our youth group along with his wife Cassandra for the last 8 years. In 2018 he joined the ministry staff after receiving his license thru the UPCI. He is currently serving on the youth board for Washington State.


Joseph Birdwell


Rev. Consuelo Garcia

Sis Garcia has been a part of Sound Life Church for over 25 years. She has raised 5 kids who all attend along with her. She has been the youth leader and youth Sunday school teacher for many years and is now leading the specialized ministry with her husband. 

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Consuelo Garcia